About Us

The Tallahassee Indoor Shooting Range is your one stop shop for firearms, ammunition, accessories, archery, training & indoor shooting.

Firearm Shooting Lanes

15 lanes at 25 yards for pistol & shotgun
7 lanes at 50 yards for high powered rifles*

Rounds not allowed:
Shotgun bigger than 00 Buck
Any tracer, AP, API or steel core penetrator.


4 lanes at 30 yards for target practice
4 lanes at 30 yards for 3D pop-up targets

Crossbows allowed with no draw weight limit!

*Under Construction

Our Staff

Dick Szymanski, Instructor
USMC 2006 - 2012
Rob Larkins, Archery Instructor
Currently #2 in the World
Robert Kornegay, Sr.
NRA Pistol, Rifle & Shotgun Instructor

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